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Tatuaje is a cigar brand that was founded by Pete Johnson and first released in 2003. Designing cigars and cigar blends with the help from other tried-and-true names in the industry, the brand name was born when someone mentioned that the word "tatuaje" (Spanish for tattoo), would be fitting since Pete has many tattoos. Over the past decade, this brand has expanded into some other lines, but by no means has it ventured into 'sub brands'. Comprised mainly of delicious Nicaraguan components and based in Miami, Pete's cigar lines often bring back old-world flavors and feel by combining the efforts of blenders who have delicate palates for subtle flavors, with simple bands and boxes that were popular decades ago. His brown labels produce flavors that are especially similar to Cuban cigars(partially because they are made from Nicaraguan leaves grown from Cuban seeds). Pete Johnson strives to develop new and exciting lines, limited editions, and cigars that should interest everyone from a novice to an aficionado with a discerning palate.

44 Tatuaje cigars in this category.

Cojonu 2003

Tatuaje Cojonu 2003

SKU: 007-053-0006
Your Price: $13.00
Cojonu 2006

Tatuaje Cojonu 2006

SKU: 007-053-0018
$13.00 $12.35
You Save: $0.65!

Tatuaje Especiales

SKU: 007-053-0010
$10.00 $9.10
You Save: $0.90!
Gran Cojonu

Tatuaje Gran Cojonu

SKU: 007-053-0022
$15.00 $13.50
You Save: $1.50!
Havana VI: Almirantes Churchill
Currently out of Stock
Havana VI: Angeles Petite Corona
$5.50 $4.95
You Save: $0.55!
Havana VI: Aristas Torpedo
$8.00 $7.20
You Save: $0.80!
Havana VI: Hermosos Corona Gorda
$6.75 $6.25
You Save: $0.50!
Havana VI: Victorias Corona Especial
$6.50 $5.95
You Save: $0.55!
Reserva A Uno

Tatuaje Reserva A Uno

SKU: 007-053-0048
Currently out of Stock
Reserva J 21

Tatuaje Reserva J 21

SKU: 007-053-0014
Your Price: $11.00

Tatuaje Tainos

SKU: 007-053-0012
$13.00 $12.00
You Save: $1.00!
Reserva SW

Tatuaje Reserva SW

SKU: 007-053-0008
Currently out of Stock

Tatuaje Regios

SKU: 007-053-0004
$10.00 $9.10
You Save: $0.90!

Tatuaje Noellas

SKU: 007-053-0002
Your Price: $8.00

Tatuaje RC233

SKU: 007-053-0044
Your Price: $20.00
Havana VI: Nobles Robusto
$7.00 $6.50
You Save: $0.50!
7th. Natural

Tatuaje 7th. Natural

SKU: 007-053-0064
Your Price: $9.00
7th. Reserva

Tatuaje 7th. Reserva

SKU: 007-053-0066
$9.00 $8.60
You Save: $0.40!
Avion 11's Perfecto Grande
$10.00 $9.10
You Save: $0.90!
Avion 12's

Tatuaje Avion 12's

SKU: 007-053-0082
$8.50 $7.65
You Save: $0.85!
Black Corona Gorda

Tatuaje Black Corona Gorda

SKU: 007-053-0104
$10.00 $9.50
You Save: $0.50!
Cojonu 2009

Tatuaje Cojonu 2009

SKU: 007-053-0071
$13.00 $12.35
You Save: $0.65!
Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf

Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf

SKU: 007-053-0090
$13.00 $12.00
You Save: $1.00!
Cojonu 2012 Capa Especial Sumatra
$13.00 $12.00
You Save: $1.00!
Cojonu 2012 Habano

Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Habano

SKU: 007-053-0088
$13.00 $12.00
You Save: $1.00!
Fausto FT140 Robusto Extra
$8.25 $7.49
You Save: $0.76!
Fausto FT153 Toro

Tatuaje Fausto FT153 Toro

SKU: 007-053-0076
$8.50 $7.78
You Save: $0.72!
Fausto FT166 Short Churchill
$8.75 $7.95
You Save: $0.80!
Havana Cazadores

Tatuaje Havana Cazadores

SKU: 007-053-0054
$10.00 $9.00
You Save: $1.00!
La Casita Criolla HCBC Corona Gorda
$6.50 $6.00
You Save: $0.50!
La Casita Criolla HCB Corona
$6.00 $5.50
You Save: $0.50!
La Casita Criolla HCBF Short Churchill
$7.00 $6.50
You Save: $0.50!
La Casita Criolla HCR Robusto
$6.75 $6.25
You Save: $0.50!
Petite Cazadores Reserva
Currently out of Stock
Petite Tatuaje (Single)
Your Price: $3.50
Tattoo 2013 Belle Encre
$10.00 $9.50
You Save: $0.50!
Tattoo 2013 Bon Chasseur
$10.00 $9.50
You Save: $0.50!
Tattoo Adivino Toro Grande
Your Price: $6.50
Tattoo Bonitos Torpedo

Tatuaje Tattoo Bonitos Torpedo

SKU: 007-053-0110
Your Price: $6.00
Tattoo Caballero Robusto
Your Price: $5.00
Tattoo Universo Toro

Tatuaje Tattoo Universo Toro

SKU: 007-053-0108
Your Price: $5.50
Unico (Single)

Tatuaje Unico (Single)

SKU: 007-053-0016
$11.00 $10.35
You Save: $0.65!
Verocu #5

Tatuaje Verocu #5

SKU: 007-053-0070
Your Price: $4.25

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