Gifts: Collegiate Starter Kit

Product Number: 001-428-0006

You love the delicious, fragrant aroma of pipe tobacco. You admire the refined, classic look of a pipe. Perhaps you've even fathomed, once or twice, of trying your hand at the hobby. Where do you begin?

Take it from me; getting started with your first pipe can be a daunting, elusive endeavor. But that’s just part of the fun. As you’ll soon discover, the history and tradition at the heart of pipe smoking is as rich as it is complex and can, without the right tools with which to get started, often overwhelm the novice enthusiast.

The solution? The ensemble before you. We’ve taken the liberty to contrive a supply of pipe and tobacco accoutrements so that you might find your way into smoking pleasure with gentle ease. Our ‘Starter Kit’ includes a pipe of Italian design (your choice of a bent or straight configuration), a tobacco sampling of superb varieties, as well as a parcel of Gloredo pipe cleaners, a tobacco pouch, the endlessly reliable pipe tool, and a very useful pipe stand.

Separately, these items would add up to a total of $69.75, however, we’re most delighted to offer this kit to you for less than half that. Why? Because we’re here to help you steer the rudder. All that’s left for you to do is grab the wheel.

*Please note that the items in this kit pictured below may change based upon available stock, and the pipes for this kit come in various shapes, colors, and finishes.

-- Ted Swearingen

Customer Reviews
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9 Reviews
3.67 out of 5 stars
not as advertised
April 25, 2013
By: Harold L.
The pipe I relieved that doesn't looks like the one show on the picture, and the stem connection is out of shape that there is a joint between the stem and the pipe bow itself. And also tamper and pipe stand are missing. Honestly I'm quite disappoint... Read More
not as advertised
March 20, 2013
By: Bailey d.
i recived a pipe that was totally different but customer service was great to send me the right one great product, great service
not as advertised
March 19, 2013
By: Bailey d.
recived a straight pipe that looks nothing like the picture
Everything you need minus quality pipe
March 17, 2013
By: Brett B.
I ordered this to get back into the hobby of smoking a pipe. I have to admit I was I impressed upon opening the box. The pipe cleaners, pipe tool, and selection of tobaccos are perfect for those trying their hand at pipe tobacco. However, I have only... Read More
Wow - it's all in there!
February 06, 2013
By: Jb P.
After over a year of contemplation, I decided to treat myself as a congratulations on a recent career move. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this particular kit since I've been eyeing individual pipes at 3-5 times the price of this entire se... Read More
The perfect introduction to the world of pipes
January 27, 2013
By: Gracie B.
This kit has everything you need (except a box of matches) to get you started. The quality of the pipe alone makes this kit a must! It is on par with other $60 pipes I have purchased in the the past and is almost half the cost. At this price the ki... Read More
Beginner's Perfect Start
October 06, 2012
By: Dustin H.
After several years of smoking cigars, I figured I would try my hand at pipe smoking. As a first timer I have to say this set is excellent, not only did I get an excellent looking pipe, of the bent variety, but the sampling of tobacco was excellent.... Read More
Perfect Start
June 23, 2012
By: Zachary D.
The one thing that really stands out with this package is its ability to give a little taste of everything needed to get into smoking a pipe. All three blends were, in my humble and inexperienced opinion, a wonderful choice for a first time pipe smok... Read More
Great gift for a new smoker
June 12, 2012
By: Kenny T.
I recieved this set as a Father's Day gift from my wife and I am more than pleased with it. This set has really set me on the right path for this hobby. The pipe, while not the highest quality, shines above many others that would fall into this price... Read More