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Italian Estates

194 Italian Estate pipes in this category, 28 new,13 on sale.

Finish: Shape: Price:
Tags: ALL Aldo Velani Ardor Ascorti Barontini Becker Bonfiglioli Caminetto Castello Dapitello Don Carlos Fiammata Gabriele Gepetto Il Ceppo Il Duca L'Anatra Le Nuvole Luigi Viprati Mario Grandi Mastro Beraldi Mastro de Paja Moretti Paolo Becker Paul's Pipa Croci Radice Rinaldo Romeo Domenico Rossi Savinelli Ser Jacopo Tom Spanu Tonino Jacono

Luigi Viprati Smooth Freehand Dublin (Four Clover) (Unsmoked)
$380.00 $304.00
You Save: $76.00!
Caminetto Business Rusticated Pot (108)
Your Price: $115.00
Castello 'Castello' Spiral Bent Billiard (KK)
Your Price: $300.00
Castello Old Antiquari Billiard (KKKK)
Your Price: $250.00
Castello Sea Rock Billiard (KKK)
Your Price: $195.00
Duca Carlo Smooth Bent Pot (6mm)
Your Price: $37.50
Gepetto Rusticated Bent Rhodesian (410) (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $150.00
Pipa Croci Sandblasted Bent Dublin
Your Price: $65.00
Radice Rind Billiard (2009)
Your Price: $120.00
Radice Rind Egg

Italian Estate Radice Rind Egg

SKU: 004-006-10532   
Your Price: $100.00
Radice Tiger Eye Smooth Bent Billiard (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $205.00
Savinelli Capri Root Briar (802)
Your Price: $60.00
Savinelli Dry System Carved (2622) (6mm)
Your Price: $55.00
Savinelli Duca Carlo Smooth Apple (6mm)
Your Price: $37.50
Savinelli Estella (515 EX) (Replacement Tenon)
Your Price: $40.00
Savinelli Oscar Elite (315 KS)
Your Price: $45.00
Savinelli Punto Oro Corallo (515) (Replacement Stem)
Your Price: $120.00
Savinelli Punto Oro Smooth (904)
Your Price: $90.00
Savinelli Silver (121 KS) (6mm)
Your Price: $80.00
Tom Spanu Partially Rusticated Calabash (2000)
Your Price: $70.00
Castello Old Antiquari Billiard (KKKK) (Unsmoked)
$450.00 $345.00
You Save: $105.00!
Castello Old Antiquari Pot (GG) (Unsmoked)
$660.00 $510.00
You Save: $150.00!
L'Anatra Smooth Rhodesian (One Egg) (Unsmoked)
$290.00 $230.00
You Save: $60.00!
L'Anatra Ventura Smooth Bent Dublin (Unsmoked)
$230.00 $180.00
You Save: $50.00!
Paolo Becker Smooth Blowfish (Royal Flush) (Elite A) (Unsmoked)
$2,670.00 $1,600.00
You Save: $1,070.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Billiard (5) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$582.00 $435.00
You Save: $147.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Billiard (5) (Unsmoked)
$582.00 $435.00
You Save: $147.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Dublin (6) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$678.00 $475.00
You Save: $203.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Paneled Bent Dublin (6) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$678.00 $510.00
You Save: $168.00!
Ser Jacopo Walnut Bent Billiard (L1) (Maxima) (Unsmoked)
$595.00 $430.00
You Save: $165.00!
Ardor Giove Bent Egg (Dorelio Rovera) (2004)
Your Price: $195.00
Ardor Meteora Bent Egg (DR) (2011) (Unsmoked)
$395.00 $335.75
You Save: $59.25!
Ardor Urano Partially Sandblasted Rhodesian (DR) (Unsmoked)
$385.00 $308.00
You Save: $77.00!
Ascorti Business Billiard
Your Price: $90.00

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