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Italian Estates

From the affordable Savinelli to the highly collectible Castello, there's something to fill that hole in your collection in Italian Estates. With prices well below retail and a strict evaluation criteria to ensure every pipe is as advertised, you can be sure that your new estate pipe is the best value around.

Each estate pipe has been carefully cleaned, sanitized, and prepared — allowing you to start enjoying it the moment you receive it. Each pipe is given a grade based on its condition. You can learn about our methods for establishing these grades here.

154 Italian Estate pipes in this category, 16 new, 17 on sale.

Finish: Shape: Price:
Tags: ALL Alberto Bonfiglioli Ardor Ascorti Becker Brebbia Caminetto Castello Claudio Cavicchi Don Carlos Fiamma di Re Gabriele Il Ceppo Il Duca Jacono L'Anatra Lorenzo Luciano Luigi Viprati Mastro de Paja Moretti Pipa Croci Posella Radice Rinaldo Savinelli Ser Jacopo Stefano Santambrogio Unknown

Savinelli Autograph Sandblasted Volcano (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$360.00 $260.00
You Save: $100.00!
Savinelli Collection 1999 Sandblasted Acorn (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$395.00 $275.00
You Save: $120.00!
Ser Jacopo Imago Fiammata Zaffiro Smooth Dublin with Silver (Unsmoked)
$750.00 $600.00
You Save: $150.00!
Ser Jacopo Picta Miro Walnut Hawkbill (L1) (01) (Unsmoked)
$675.00 $400.00
You Save: $275.00!
Ardor Meteora Poker (DR) (2009)
Your Price: $200.00
Caminetto Business Billiard (118)
Your Price: $130.00
Castello 'Castello' Smooth Chimney (KKKK) (P4)
Your Price: $250.00
Castello Collection Bent Pot (A) (KKK)
Your Price: $385.00
Il Ceppo Smooth Panel Bent Brandy with Silver (4)
Your Price: $150.00
Lorenzo Moscato Smooth Paneled Bent Apple (9mm)
Your Price: $50.00
Radice Clear Billiard (G)
Your Price: $165.00
Radice Rind Billiard

Italian Estate Radice Rind Billiard

SKU: 004-006-12259   
Your Price: $115.00
Rinaldo Lithos Bent Apple (YYY)
Your Price: $150.00
Savinelli Spring (207) (6mm)
Your Price: $60.00
Savinelli Trevi Smooth (111 KS) (6mm)
Your Price: $60.00
Savinelli Autograph Dublin (5) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$630.00 $455.00
You Save: $175.00!
Savinelli Autograph Freehand (8) (Unsmoked)
$725.00 $585.00
You Save: $140.00!
Savinelli Autograph Sandblasted Bent Billiard (5) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$338.00 $255.00
You Save: $83.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Billiard (8) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$908.00 $544.00
You Save: $364.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Dublin (5) (6mm)
$190.00 $152.00
You Save: $38.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Dublin (6) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$678.00 $475.00
You Save: $203.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Bent Dublin (6) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$678.00 $475.00
You Save: $203.00!
Savinelli Autograph Smooth Volcano (5) (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$582.00 $385.00
You Save: $197.00!
Savinelli Handmade Smooth Bent Billiard with Silver (6mm) (Unsmoked)
$190.00 $125.00
You Save: $65.00!
Ser Jacopo Canadian Smooth with Silver Imago (L1)
$315.00 $252.00
You Save: $63.00!
Ser Jacopo La Pipaccia Smooth Bent Egg with Silver (12) (Unsmoked)
$675.00 $415.00
You Save: $260.00!
Ser Jacopo Smooth Bulldog (L1)
$170.00 $136.00
You Save: $34.00!
Tonino Jacono Jack Billiard
$140.00 $112.00
You Save: $28.00!
Alberto Bonfiglioli Natural Smooth Dublin (Unsmoked)
$470.00 $395.00
You Save: $75.00!
Ardor Erro Smooth Bent Pot (503) (36)
Your Price: $195.00
Ardor Giove Bent Dublin (DR) (2010) (Unsmoked)
$465.00 $375.00
You Save: $90.00!
Ardor Giove Fantasy Bent Dublin with Silver (2010) (Unsmoked)
$475.00 $385.00
You Save: $90.00!
Ardor Urano Fantasy Bent Dublin (DR) (2010) (Unsmoked)
$395.00 $320.00
You Save: $75.00!
Ascorti Business Bent Egg (KS)
Your Price: $110.00
Ascorti Sandblasted Bent Apple (KS)
Your Price: $135.00
Brebbia Cambridge Smooth Canadian (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $85.00
Caminetto Smooth Brown Canadian (03) (AR)
Your Price: $235.00
Caminetto Smooth Rhodesian (0.L.14) (Unsmoked)
$436.00 $327.00
You Save: $109.00!
Castello 'Castello' Bent Billiard (G)
Your Price: $280.00

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