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Misc. Estates

29 Misc. Estate pipes in this category,2 on sale.

Finish: Shape: Price:
Tags: ALL Alpha Amphora Chris Asteriou Coronation Easterling El Kala-Algerie Ergo Gregor Lobnik Jobey John Calich Klaus Zenz Konstantin Lillehammer Lomma Peter Matzhold Porsche Design Riff Ronny Thuner Sergey Senatorov Unknown Wojtek Pastuch

Porsche Design Smooth (909) (9mm) (Unsmoked)
$725.00 $475.00
You Save: $250.00!
Porsche Design Smooth (909) (9mm) (Unsmoked)
$725.00 $475.00
You Save: $250.00!
Alpha Smooth Bent Billiard (Replacement Stem)
Your Price: $60.00
Amphora X-tra Smooth Dublin (723-643)
Your Price: $55.00
Chris Asteriou Smooth Blowfish
Your Price: $395.00
Coronation Smooth Bent Billiard
Your Price: $85.00
Easterling Smooth Canadian (1)
Your Price: $60.00
El Kala-Algerie Spot Carved Zulu (268)
Your Price: $40.00
Ergo Smooth Apple wth Amber Stem (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $110.00
Gregor Lobnik Smooth Apple with Boxwood
Your Price: $360.00
Jobey Extra Smooth Billiard (Patent) (E39)
Your Price: $75.00
John Calich Smooth Cherrywood (8) (1987)
Your Price: $145.00
Klaus Zenz Smooth Bent Pot
Your Price: $190.00
Konstantin Shekita Smooth Dublin (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $625.00
Lomma Smooth Bent Dublin (Unsmoked)
$450.00 $395.00
You Save: $55.00!
Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Brandy (F) (2005)
Your Price: $475.00
Peter Matzhold Smooth Freehand (1 D)
Your Price: $325.00
Riff Smooth Billiard (116)
Your Price: $60.00
Ronny Thuner Sandblasted Freehand (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $350.00
Ronny Thunér Smooth Rhodesian
Your Price: $225.00
Sergey Senatorov Sandblasted Bent Dublin
Your Price: $225.00
Unknown Gourd Calabash (Cap Not Removable)
Your Price: $60.00
Wojtek Pastuch Sandblasted Horn (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $525.00
Wojtek Pastuch Smooth Bent Apple (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $450.00

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