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American Estates

47 American Estate pipes in this category, 4 new.

Finish: Shape: Price:
Tags: ALL Adam Davidson Alex Florov Bob Hayes Brian Ruthenberg Charles Cole Chheda Clarence Mickles Dave Neeb Ed Burak Ehrlich Elliot Nachwalter E. Wilke Jelling J&J J.M. Boswell John Crosby J.T. Cooke Kaywoodie Kevin Arthur Larry Roush LHS Maigurs Knets Mark Tinsky Moonshine Pipe By Lee Randy Wiley Ron Fairchild Sam Learned Scott Klein Smoker's Shoppe Dallas Stratford The Pipe Tim West Weber

Ehrlich Supreme Smooth Bent Billiard
Your Price: $45.00
J.M. Boswell Smooth Bent Dublin with Plateau (1998)
Your Price: $115.00
Weber Virgin Standard Smooth Bent Billiard (168)
Your Price: $60.00
Alex Florov Smooth Discus with Bamboo (2013)
Your Price: $965.00
Bob Hayes Smooth Bent Apple (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $325.00
Brian Ruthenberg Smooth Bent Apple (2014)
Your Price: $325.00
Brian Ruthenberg Smooth Bent Volcano (2006)
Your Price: $350.00
Charles Cole Smooth Bent Apple (17) (2009)
Your Price: $225.00
Clarence Mickles Smooth Bent Billiard (1997)
Your Price: $195.00
Dave Neeb Smooth Dublin
Your Price: $165.00
Jelling Smooth Bent Dublin
Your Price: $135.00
J&J Smooth Brandy
Your Price: $250.00
J&J Smooth Porpoise (2014)
Your Price: $455.00
John Crosby Smooth Tomato
Your Price: $225.00
Kaywoodie Fine Line Acorn (post-1950)
Your Price: $60.00
Kevin Arthur Sandblasted Bent Rhodesian
Your Price: $185.00
LHS Park Lane Smooth Apple (42)
Your Price: $60.00
Maigurs Knets Smooth Aussie Turtle (342)
Your Price: $715.00
Maigurs Knets Smooth Red Bent Egg (314)
Your Price: $430.00
Mark Tinsky Sunrise Smooth Bent Apple (5) (Unsmoked)
$245.00 $220.00
You Save: $25.00!
Moonshine Smooth Rhodesian
Your Price: $75.00
Pipe by Lee Smooth Dublin
Your Price: $40.00
Randy Wiley Galleon Bent Dublin (44)
Your Price: $110.00
Randy Wiley Patina Bent Dublin (10)  (Unsmoked)
$310.00 $250.00
You Save: $60.00!
Ron Fairchild Smooth Lovat (J) (6)
$215.00 $172.00
You Save: $43.00!
Sam Learned Smooth Bent Apple (Star) (1998)
Your Price: $150.00
Scott Klein Smooth Bent Acorn with Horn (2013) (Unsmoked)
$895.00 $795.00
You Save: $100.00!
Smoker's Shoppe Dallas Smooth Billiard
Your Price: $70.00
Stratford Smooth Rhodesian (Unsmoked)
Your Price: $150.00
The Pipe Black Billiard
Your Price: $45.00
Tim West Smooth Paneled Dublin (Unsmoked)
$350.00 $315.00
You Save: $35.00!

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