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Tonino began his pipe making career in 1981, with his father-in-law; who owned a mill and performed the drilling, in Calabria. By 1983, the fledgling artisan relocated to Marche, Jesi, roughly a long toss from Pesaro, and set up a tiny shop in his home. From the onset, Jacono had two goals from which he never wavered: produce excellent smoking instruments, and do so at extremely fair prices. In many ways Signor Jacono remains 'old school', in the most charming sense of the phrase. He still works in that tiny shop and employs very few of the modern power tools that we would normally associate with modern pipe making, and he still coats the interior of his bowls with a dab of honey from his region. Tradition addressed, Tonino's never-ending quest to provide you with the finest briars possible has led to a recent innovation in shaping; a subtle reduction in size in favor more graceful and elegant forms. Also worth noting is that he obtains his briar from the same source as Claudio Cavicchi, and then seasons it for an additional three years before crafting it into an exceptionally grained pipe.

Tonino's grading system follows the relative piece values, as they relate to the game of chess (with one exception): Knight (rusticated), Pawn (new, sandblasted), Rook, Jack (contrary to some sources on the net, 'Jack' has nothing to do with poker. In Italy a Bishop is known as an "Alfiere", which can either be a Bishop or a subaltern military rank on par with a Jack, manservant to particularly exalted nobility), Queen and King. An 'E' stamp, which is being phased out, represents a half step between grades, and a 'Checkmate' indicates a briar of exceptional size.

32 Jacono pipes in this category.

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Tags: ALL Bishop Jack Knight Pawn Queen Rook

Bishop Apple

Jacono Bishop Apple

SKU: 002-616-0213
Your Price: $285.00
Jack Bent Apple

Jacono Jack Bent Apple

SKU: 002-616-0166
Your Price: $400.00
Jack Bent Brandy

Jacono Jack Bent Brandy

SKU: 002-616-0209
Your Price: $400.00
Jack Bent Dublin

Jacono Jack Bent Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0197
Your Price: $400.00
Jack Dublin

Jacono Jack Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0167
Your Price: $400.00
Jack Freehand Dublin

Jacono Jack Freehand Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0203
Your Price: $400.00
Jack Paneled Horn

Jacono Jack Paneled Horn

SKU: 002-616-0187
Your Price: $400.00
Knight Bent Apple

Jacono Knight Bent Apple

SKU: 002-616-0168
Your Price: $230.00
Knight Bent Apple (E)

Jacono Knight Bent Apple (E)

SKU: 002-616-0176
Your Price: $275.00
Knight Billiard (E)

Jacono Knight Billiard (E)

SKU: 002-616-0212
Your Price: $275.00
Knight Bulldog

Jacono Knight Bulldog

SKU: 002-616-0189
Your Price: $230.00
Knight Lovat

Jacono Knight Lovat

SKU: 002-616-0159
Your Price: $230.00
Pawn Apple

Jacono Pawn Apple

SKU: 002-616-0154
Your Price: $285.00
Pawn Bent Apple

Jacono Pawn Bent Apple

SKU: 002-616-0214
Your Price: $285.00
Pawn Bent Dubiln (E)

Jacono Pawn Bent Dubiln (E)

SKU: 002-616-0208
Your Price: $360.00
Pawn Bent Dublin

Jacono Pawn Bent Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0177
Your Price: $285.00
Pawn Brandy

Jacono Pawn Brandy

SKU: 002-616-0207
Your Price: $285.00
Pawn Brandy

Jacono Pawn Brandy

SKU: 002-616-0218
Your Price: $285.00
Pawn Brandy (E)

Jacono Pawn Brandy (E)

SKU: 002-616-0191
Your Price: $360.00
Pawn Bulldog

Jacono Pawn Bulldog

SKU: 002-616-0160
Your Price: $285.00
Pawn Dublin

Jacono Pawn Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0215
Your Price: $285.00
Queen Bent Apple with Boxwood (EE)
Your Price: $700.00
Queen Bent Brandy Sitter
Your Price: $480.00
Queen Bent Dublin

Jacono Queen Bent Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0226
Your Price: $480.00
Rook Bent Apple with Purpleheart
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Bent Dublin

Jacono Rook Bent Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0202
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Bent Egg

Jacono Rook Bent Egg

SKU: 002-616-0162
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Cherrywood

Jacono Rook Cherrywood

SKU: 002-616-0201
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Dublin

Jacono Rook Dublin

SKU: 002-616-0196
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Pot

Jacono Rook Pot

SKU: 002-616-0195
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Volcano

Jacono Rook Volcano

SKU: 002-616-0221
Your Price: $340.00
Rook Volcano

Jacono Rook Volcano

SKU: 002-616-0222
Your Price: $340.00

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