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Given his keen interest in woodworking, after making the acquaintance of Tom Eltang Lars Jonsson was invited to visit Tom's workshop. Lars was fascinated by what he was shown there, yet, though the two would from then after often get together for socializing and sailing, it wasn't until chance stepped in that Lars took his first steps towards becoming a pipemaker in his own right. Lars and Tom just happened to be hanging around the workshop when the latter received a call from Per Billhall, another friend, and a fellow artisan, who needed help putting rusticated finishes onto a considerable number of pipes. Could Tom ask Lars to lend a hand? Tom agreed; Lars agreed. And from that first learning experience, the latter well and thoroughly caught the bug. Learning from Tom Eltang led to learning from another of Tom's friends, Hans "Former" Nielsen, and working on the pipes of both the Sara Eltang and Former-Eltang brands, gaining valuable experience and credentials. And so it is that from a combination of good fortune followed up by keen effort that the Danish school has added yet another name to its list of remarkable artisans.

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Partially Rusticated Rhodesian with Spalted Maple Lomma Partially Rusticated Rhodesian with Spalted Maple 
SKU: 002-596-0027
Your Price: $350.00

Rusticated Billiard Lomma Rusticated Billiard 
SKU: 002-596-0042
Your Price: $350.00

Sandblasted Horn Lomma Sandblasted Horn 
SKU: 002-596-0050
Your Price: $425.00

Smooth Bent Apple Lomma Smooth Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-596-0023
Your Price: $450.00

Smooth Bent Apple Lomma Smooth Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-596-0046
Your Price: $600.00

Smooth Bent Brandy Lomma Smooth Bent Brandy 
SKU: 002-596-0047
Your Price: $600.00

Smooth Lovat Lomma Smooth Lovat 
SKU: 002-596-0031
Your Price: $500.00

002-596-0010 Lomma Partially Rusticated Rhodesian with Spalted Maple 
SKU: 002-596-0010

002-596-0041 Lomma Rusticated Apple 
SKU: 002-596-0041

002-596-0040 Lomma Rusticated Cherrywood 
SKU: 002-596-0040

002-596-0004 Lomma Rusticated Sphinx 
SKU: 002-596-0004

002-596-0049 Lomma Sandblasted Volcano 
SKU: 002-596-0049

002-596-0045 Lomma Smooth Bent Brandy 
SKU: 002-596-0045

002-596-0022 Lomma Smooth Bent Brandy with Spalted Maple 
SKU: 002-596-0022

002-596-0044 Lomma Smooth Cherrywood 
SKU: 002-596-0044

002-596-0048 Lomma Smooth Moosefoot with Horn 
SKU: 002-596-0048

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