If you take a look at the pipe making greats, you will usually find one of a couple of paths into their craft. Either they were born into a home where there were pipe makers, Lars and Nanna Ivarsson come to mind of course, but so do Takeo Arita, Yuki Tokutomi, Damiano Rovera, Lasse Skovgaard Jorgensen and many others, or they played with it for a bit over a long period of time, then finally put their all into the briar, Peter Matzhold comes to mind. Then we have Jeff Gracik.

Born of Meadville, Pennsylvania, Princeton educated, Jeff played with making a couple of pipes and then immediately became addicted to the craft. Jeff Gracik does nothing by half measure, and his pipes were to be no exception. he did not want to create a product that was "acceptable" but one that excelled. To this end, he devoured the PIMO book, sought advice from pipe maker Tim West. Shortly, Jeff made the pilgrimage to learn side by side with his friend and mentor, American master Todd Johnson. Pipe makers to follow included Danish carver Tonni Nielsen and American wizard Jody Davis. Jeff Gracik's first product hit the market in January of 2004, and to call the newcomer's pipes "stunning" would be an understatement.

Underpinning all of Jeff's work is the simple understanding that a pipe, above all things, must smoke well. All of Jeff's briar is well seasoned, and Algerian or Italian in origin, hand selected for density of grain. The bit material is hand cut German ebonite or cumberland. And then there is Jeff's dizzying obsession with engineering, which is already hailed as being among the best in the world.

Jeff's shaping aesthetic, while showing obvious influences from the likes of Todd, Jody, and Tonni, is quite impossible to pigeon hole. He never approaches a block of briar with a specific theme in mind, rather allows his mood to combine with the dictates of the wood's grain to create something so "within the moment", that it's exact likes will never be seen again.



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