J.Alan pipes are made by Jeffrey A. Burt-Gracik in lovely San Diego, California. Having chosen an ideal location to not only live and surf, but make pipes in a workshop that gets neither too cold nor too hot, Jeff is one of the very few makers worldwide that has ideal working conditions. He began carving pipes in 2004 while earning his Master’s degree and went full-time pipe maker in 2006.

All J.Alan pipes are shaped from exquisite blocks of top-grade briar cured and aged to make the best pieces possible. All tenons are made from delrin, and each stem is expertly hand-cut and slotted from ebonite, cumberland, or vintage Bakelite. Perfect mouth-feel completes each piece, which is why you will never question the smoking properties of a J.Alan pipe after trying your first. Limiting use of accents for consistency and a body of work, one might occasionally find bamboo, silver (which Jeff does himself), boxwood, and a few others. Finishing only smooth or blasted pieces, each J.Alan is a full extension of the maker. Being an avid surfer, Jeff’s highest grade (and rarely produced) is a wave. Other pieces aren’t graded, but easily fit on a timeline as each is stamped with the number of production and the year. Hence, 400 10 would be his four-hundredth pipe in existence and it was made in 2010.

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Smooth Blowfish J. Alan Pipes Smooth Blowfish 
SKU: 002-376-0113
Your Price: $1,700.00

002-376-0143 J. Alan Pipes Partially Sandblasted Blowfish 
SKU: 002-376-0143

002-376-0130 J. Alan Pipes Partially Sandblasted Blowfish with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-376-0130

002-376-0120 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-376-0120

002-376-0128 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-376-0128

002-376-0131 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-376-0131

002-376-0132 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-376-0132

002-376-0129 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Dublin with Horn 
SKU: 002-376-0129

002-376-0142 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Egg with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-376-0142

002-376-0140 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Bent Tomato with Horn 
SKU: 002-376-0140

002-376-0112 J. Alan Pipes Sandblasted Gourd with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-376-0112

002-376-0031 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Angler Fish 
SKU: 002-376-0031

002-376-0127 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Bent Apple with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-376-0127

002-376-0117 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Bent Apple with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-376-0117

002-376-0115 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Billiard with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-376-0115

002-376-0101 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Blowfish 
SKU: 002-376-0101

002-376-0138 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Calabash with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-376-0138

002-376-0047 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Calabash with Brown Mallee 
SKU: 002-376-0047

002-376-0108 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Chubby Apple with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-376-0108

002-376-0137 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Dublin with Horn 
SKU: 002-376-0137

002-376-0121 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Elephant's Foot with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-376-0121

002-376-0084 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Freehand Blowfish 
SKU: 002-376-0084

002-376-0109 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Horn (Wave) 
SKU: 002-376-0109

002-376-0116 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Lovat with Mastodon Ivory 
SKU: 002-376-0116

002-376-0122 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Speeding Blowfish 
SKU: 002-376-0122

002-376-0118 J. Alan Pipes Smooth Tomato with Bamboo and Boxwood 
SKU: 002-376-0118



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