Hailing from Lancaster, California, the small desert town where he was born and raised, Nathan Armentrout is a member of the post-2000 new wave of prominent American artisans, a set whose range runs from those long-time pipe smokers who took up pipemaking after retiring from another career, to promising barely-twenty-somethings who have just gotten started in the world. What they all share, regardless of age, is a great appreciation for the pipe both in its form and its function, a dedication to constant improvement in their craftsmanship, and an eclectic spectrum of influences where the only predictable common denominators are the Danish greats and the great vintage classics of certain English marques' glory days.

In Nathan's case, his start as a professional pipemaker came in late 2009; he'd made pipes as a hobby before this time, but to satisfy his passion for the art and craftsmanship involved in creating a fine smoking instrument, things needed to be taken to the next level. Thus began the long process of investing in proper tooling, setting up a fully equipped shop, and, every bit as important, pursuing a more expansive and in-depth knowledge of pipe design and pipemaking techniques from successful artisans. With some help and guidance from pipemakers and friends, and an improve-with-every-pipe mindset, Nathan's skills grew in design and detail - and he continues his efforts to keep them growing still.