Bruce Weaver was born in 1951 and is a pipe maker living in Brentwood, Tennessee, which is located just outside of Nashville. He first began making pipes in 2006 after being a collector of Dunhills for most of his adult life, because he got the itch to make something for himself. His mom was an artist and Bruce wanted to see if he had any artistic ability, or was simply a craftsman; as it turns out, he is both. Taking some time to learn some about pipemaking from Lee Von Erck, Bruce began making pipes loosely based on the English classics with preform stems and styling similar to Lee. Later, in 2009, he started learning about making handmade pipes from Todd Johnson who moved to Tennessee. From Todd, Bruce learned how to make handcut stems and use Delrin tenons, as well as shaping a pipe on a sanding disk.

His shaping blossomed and he has since been known as an affable guy who makes pipes that are aggressively blasted to show very intricate growth rings. Indeed, Bruce fiddled with blasting techniques before finding one that was different from everyone else. Though very time-consuming, they are easily recognizable. All of his pipes feature handcut stems from vulcanite rods, or bakelite, and all feature Delrin tenons. Some of his accents can include ivory, bamboo, boxwood, and other hardwoods.

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Sandblasted Bent Apple with Jobolli Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Bent Apple with Jobolli 
SKU: 002-531-0062   
Your Price: $450.00

Sandblasted Billiard Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Billiard 
SKU: 002-531-0063   
Your Price: $450.00

Smooth Blowfish with Jobolli Bruce Weaver Smooth Blowfish with Jobolli 
SKU: 002-531-0061   
Your Price: $750.00

Sandblasted Bent Dublin with Ebony Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Bent Dublin with Ebony 
SKU: 002-531-0054
Your Price: $475.00

Sandblasted Stacked Billiard with Jobillo Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Stacked Billiard with Jobillo 
SKU: 002-531-0053
Your Price: $425.00

Smooth Lovat Bruce Weaver Smooth Lovat 
SKU: 002-531-0052
Your Price: $525.00

002-531-0005 Bruce Weaver Partially Sandblasted Bent Dublin with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-531-0005

002-531-0001 Bruce Weaver Partially Sandblasted Rhodesian 
SKU: 002-531-0001

002-531-0012 Bruce Weaver Partially Sandblasted Volcano 
SKU: 002-531-0012

002-531-0015 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Bent Acorn with Mastodon Ivory 
SKU: 002-531-0015

002-531-0045 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Billiard with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-531-0045

002-531-0020 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Blowfish with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-531-0020

002-531-0006 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Cutty 
SKU: 002-531-0006

002-531-0007 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Dogfish with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-531-0007

002-531-0017 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Long Shank Blowfish with Mastodon 
SKU: 002-531-0017

002-531-0013 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Lovat 
SKU: 002-531-0013

002-531-0011 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Lovat with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-531-0011

002-531-0004 Bruce Weaver Sandblasted Poker with Bamboo 
SKU: 002-531-0004

002-531-0008 Bruce Weaver Smooth Bent Acorn Boxwood 
SKU: 002-531-0008



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