The root word of Caminetto is 'camino'; a word that can mean both a fireplace or a chimney in Italian and, within that word, one of the most famous pipe legends, as well as the most storied of the great Italian pipe houses may be found.

One pivotal night in the very late '60s, it came to pass that Luigi 'Gigi' Radice and Pepino Ascorti; two immensely talented carvers who had recently left Castello and partnered to make pipes of their own, and Gianni Davoli (a pipe retailer in Milan, with superb contacts in the US) gathered 'round the fireplace for a night of pipes & wine, and the trio decided to form a company, with Ascorti and Radice doing the carving and Davoli utilizing his business acumen and contacts in a marketing capacity. The new concern was named 'Caminetto' (little fireplace) in honor of the gathering spot and, due to Gigi and Pepino sporting large and luxuriant mustaches, the company's slogan and symbol became "La Pipa del Baffo" (the pipe with the mustache).

While today's Caminetto continues to feature many of the shapes which contributed to their spectacular success in the '70s, recently there has also been something of a shaping/aesthetic revolution afoot. With Roberto Ascorti and his son, Tomaso "please call me 'Tommy'" at the helm, Caminettos now can bear either of two stamps: 'AR' (Ascorti, Roberto) or "AT" (Ascorti, Tomaso). The AR line can present the work of either Roberto or Tomaso (but predominantly the former), and continues to create a fine combination of the Caminetto traditional shapes, as well as many of the new forms which are emerging. The AT line is Tommy's alone, and features edge-pushing designs which, heretofore, would have been considered quite unexpected from Caminetto.

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