Ernie Markle is a great example of the new movement in American high grade pipes. Ernie makes pipes part-time, in addition to his career in finance, from his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Having fallen in love with pipes and taken with the idea of the craft itself, Ernie sought out people that could teach him the craft, it being something of a departure from his education background in Philosophy and Spanish or his chosen profession. Ernie has worked with top American pipe makers Jeff Gracik and Brad Pohlmann in their workshops and has been slowly cultivating his craft over the past couple of years.

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2 Ernie Markle pipes in this category.

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Sandblasted Tomato Ernie Markle Sandblasted Tomato 
SKU: 002-490-0022
Your Price: $400.00

Smooth Acorn Ernie Markle Smooth Acorn 
SKU: 002-490-0023
Your Price: $650.00

002-490-0011 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Acorn with Mammoth Ivory 
SKU: 002-490-0011

002-490-0010 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Apple with Bamboo and Mastodon Ivory 
SKU: 002-490-0010

002-490-0017 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Bent Billiard 
SKU: 002-490-0017

002-490-0012 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Bent Pot 
SKU: 002-490-0012

002-490-0014 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Billiard 
SKU: 002-490-0014

002-490-0016 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Calabash with Masur Birch 
SKU: 002-490-0016

002-490-0018 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Dirigible with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-490-0018

002-490-0008 Ernie Markle Sandblasted Lovat 
SKU: 002-490-0008

002-490-0015 Ernie Markle Smooth Bent Apple with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-490-0015

002-490-0003 Ernie Markle Smooth Pot 
SKU: 002-490-0003

002-490-0005 Ernie Markle Smooth Pot with Horn 
SKU: 002-490-0005



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