Peter Heeschen

Peter Heeschen (uncle Peter to us) is easily one of the most affable pipe makers in the world. His workshop is located in Odense, Denmark, where he produces around 300-400 pipes annually that are all made from top-quality selected blocks.

Peter makes only sandblasted or smooth pipes that are graded either B, A, or S, which is his highest grade. Each pipe has an uncoated bowl which allows a very flavorful break in period. Heeschen's squat bulldogs, eggs, cherrywoods, and P-shape have all become supreme examples of a carver's ability to make, replicate, and evolve signature shapes. His stems are each hand cut from ebonite rod, though he does use some very nice tortoiseshell acrylics from time to time and each stem has a turned nylon or delrin tenon and is often accented with rosewood, tulip wood, black palm, or boxwood. Peter was one of the first carvers to bring very delicate black bamboo to the scene, and also works the natural yellow (pencil thin) bamboo or silver bands into the design of many of his signature shapes.

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Sandblasted Bent Egg with Silver (A) Peter Heeschen Sandblasted Bent Egg with Silver (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0699
Your Price: $560.00

Smooth Bent Egg with Celluloid (B) Peter Heeschen Smooth Bent Egg with Celluloid (B) 
SKU: 002-283-0680
Your Price: $620.00

002-283-0641 Peter Heeschen Partially Sandblasted Blowfish with Boxwood (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0641

002-283-0626 Peter Heeschen Sandblasted Apple with Bamboo (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0626

002-283-0579 Peter Heeschen Sandblasted Brandy with Bamboo (S) 
SKU: 002-283-0579

002-283-0574 Peter Heeschen Smooth Bent Dublin with Tulipwood (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0574

002-283-0637 Peter Heeschen Smooth Bent Egg with Bamboo (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0637

002-283-0567 Peter Heeschen Smooth Bent Egg with Mazur Birch (S) 
SKU: 002-283-0567

002-283-0603 Peter Heeschen Smooth Bent Egg with Rosewood (S) 
SKU: 002-283-0603

002-283-0649 Peter Heeschen Smooth Cherrywood with Horn (B) 
SKU: 002-283-0649

002-283-0570 Peter Heeschen Smooth Cobra with Tulipwood (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0570

002-283-0571 Peter Heeschen Smooth Poker with Bamboo (A) 
SKU: 002-283-0571



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