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Peter Matzhold

Peter Matzhold makes pipes near the town of Graz, Austria. He made his first pipes just for fun, in 1978, and taught himself – which explains his unique style. Living and working in the same place, he is able to head to the workshop any time of day or night. Trained as an architect, Peter found much more joy in making pipes, and has been working full-time developing his style ever since.

His pieces are often variations of freehand shapes and are each fitted with a stem and tenon turned from solid vulcanite rod. Not wanting too much flash on his creations, it would be very rare to find any material other than boxwood, olive wood, or silver, though most pipes are simply black vulcanite (occasionally cumberland) and smooth briar. Producing around 200 pipes each year, the smooth finishes are all lightly stained, but the sandblasts can be either virgin, light brown, or black.

A History of Peter Matzhold Pipes
The Peter Matzhold Grading Guide.

7 Peter Matzhold pipes in this category.

Shape: Price:

"Limited Edition" Smooth Bent Brandy with Pipe Stand (7/9) Peter Matzhold "Limited Edition" Smooth Bent Brandy with Pipe Stand (7/9) 
SKU: 002-290-0258
Your Price: $1,025.00

Smooth Apple with Boxwood Peter Matzhold Smooth Apple with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-290-0267
Your Price: $1,000.00

Smooth Apple with Horn Peter Matzhold Smooth Apple with Horn 
SKU: 002-290-0270
Your Price: $890.00

Smooth Bent Apple with Boxwood Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Apple with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-290-0265
Your Price: $840.00

Smooth Bent Dublin with Boxwood Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Dublin with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-290-0268
Your Price: $890.00

Smooth Bent Freehand with Boxwood Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Freehand with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-290-0264
Your Price: $940.00

Smooth Bent Tomato with Boxwood Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Tomato with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-290-0261
Your Price: $1,050.00

002-290-0220 Peter Matzhold "Limited Edition" Smooth Bent Brandy (F) with Pipe Stand (3/6) 
SKU: 002-290-0220

002-290-0223 Peter Matzhold Sandblasted Bent Brandy (D) 
SKU: 002-290-0223

002-290-0209 Peter Matzhold Sandblasted Bent Dublin Sitter with Boxwood (D) 
SKU: 002-290-0209

002-290-0222 Peter Matzhold Sandblasted Volcano with Boxwood (D) 
SKU: 002-290-0222

002-290-0230 Peter Matzhold Smooth Acorn with Boxwood (F) 
SKU: 002-290-0230

002-290-0266 Peter Matzhold Smooth Apple with Horn (CU) 
SKU: 002-290-0266

002-290-0256 Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-290-0256

002-290-0228 Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Billiard with Boxwood (E) 
SKU: 002-290-0228

002-290-0231 Peter Matzhold Smooth Bent Brandy Sitter with Boxwood (G) 
SKU: 002-290-0231

002-290-0226 Peter Matzhold Smooth Dublin with Boxwood (F) 
SKU: 002-290-0226

002-290-0232 Peter Matzhold Smooth Freehand Sitter (G) 
SKU: 002-290-0232

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