Scott Klein

Scott Klein is a very young pipe maker from Elk Grove, Illinois – just outside the Chicago area – and has only been making pipes for a couple of years. One of his biggest influences, and teachers, is Alex Florov. Alex, a wonderful teacher, saw so much potential in Scott, that he invited the budding carver to his home workshop on many occasions to learn the details necessary to carve high-grade pieces.

Scott’s pipes are nice creations which show some influence from his teacher, Alex, and as well as other Danish and Japanese masters. The briars are left either smooth or sandblasted, and each one is graced with a well-made vulcanite stem and turned tenon. Aside from using the classic black color, he also frequently works with green-black and other swirled Cumberland varieties. Sticking with the belief that less is more, he’ll use subtle accents of horn and other exotic materials to enhance a piece’s beauty.