Viktor Yashtylov

Viktor Yashtylov is a pipe maker from St. Petersburg, Russia who began making pipes in 2005. He is known, in part, for his sandblasting technique, which often results in pieces that are very craggy, yet detailed enough to show layering ring grain brought to high relief. His pipes are all sanded to a very fine grit, which he believes is necessary for a very shiny finish. Depending on the size of the pipe, or customer preference, his airways measure between 2.8 millimeters to 4.5 millimeters, with his stems all filed to a long V-slot for ease of smoking and comfort. His finishes are either sandblasted or smooth, and accents of exotic wood, silver, and bamboo will adorn some pieces, as well has handcut stems from vulcanite or acrylic. Many of Viktor's pipes are very small, so please be sure to check the measurements before you purchase a pipe. Even so, you may find that some of these will fit a perfect time and place in your smoking rotation.

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