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What's Fresh- Our Blog Design!

Welcome to the new blog! By now you've probably noticed considerable visual differences, but in this post you'll find a guide to the navigational changes we've made, helpful features we've added, and how to find what you love.

Where do we start? There's a page for that. It doesn't matter if this is your first visit to our blog, or if you're just trying to get the hang of our new layout, we've created a page that should make navigation easy. Rather than click through every category and tag to discover how we organize hundreds blog posts, on the right-hand corner of the site, under the menu for categories, you will see an image which asks "New to Our Blog?". This no-nonsense guide highlights our top articles and tags, and can direct you to the different types of posts we create.

The Latest: On the main landing page, you'll find our latest blog posts listed in the larger column on the left, in order by date. The two most recent posts from each of our six categories can be seen in the right column. These categories are also listed along the top menu. They are:

  • Pipe Line - Where all generally pipe-related blogs live
  • Tobacco Talk - Where we praise or pick apart what we've been smoking
  • Events - Where you'll learn what the pipe community has been up to lately
  • Makers & Artists - Where we highlight the talent and craft of individual pipe makers
  • Cigar Certified - Where we showcase the latest sticks to smoke
  • Resources - Where our informational videos and "how-to" posts are housed

Also on the top navigation menu, at the far-right, is the Tags page, where you will find not only an alphabetical listing of all active tags, but also a list of blog authors, to help filter the content to whatever you wish to see.

Last but not least, the search feature has been given a serious upgrade. Where you were previously restricted to a search of blog titles, now the same query brings back results from the content of the blog, as well as products from our store. This should prove to be a much more efficient way of finding exactly what you need.

Anyways, don't just let me tell you about it. Check out the new blog layout for yourself. Click around, get lost a little, and let us know what you think!

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