Comoy's: Cask No.4

Product Number: 005-595-0004

Comoy's "Cask No.4" is a simple navy flake; mature Virginias and spicy Perique, pressed and cut, ready to be rubbed out or folded and stuffed for a slow smoke.


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"RATED"90" WHY?!!!!!!
July 11, 2015
By: Adam G.
I was getting ready to place my tobacco order and thought, Stokebye flake or Comoys. So I loaded two identical "95" Stanwell flake pipes with both tobaccos, to find out exactly which one I liked the most, puffing from both pipes between mo... Read More
Pleasently Surprised
July 11, 2015
By: Randy C.
I must confess that heretofore I have been a, gasp, OTC smoker! My Grampa smoked Prince Albert and it is still a favorite in my rotation. For any of you first timers wanting to venture into the world of fine Virgina Perique Blends on a budget, you wi... Read More
Good tobacco
December 16, 2013
By: Qing Y.
Good tobacco how cheap! You have a look his Tin, back to compare! Amazing eye-catching!

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& Characteristics

  • Components: Perique, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake