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G. L. Pease: Navigator 2oz

Product Number: 003-029-0080

Components: Dark Fired Kentucky  Virginia  Family: Virginia
Cut: Flake
For centuries, men of the sea have known the pleasures of fine Virginia tobaccos, pressed and aged with a drop of rum. The addition of rich dark fired Kentucky leaf brings a new dimension to the flavor and aroma of this timeless combination, G. L. Pease's Navigator.


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Tin Sales Rank: 190

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Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating:
4.61 out of 5 stars
going to buy again for sure
June 08, 2015
By: Orin M.
I originally did not know what to think of this tobacco at first seeing as I have never had a good experience with flake tobacco. The tin smell when first opened had a brandy smell along with a smoky hint to it. On my first bowl I tasted just the... Read More
A revised opinion
June 02, 2015
By: Timothy S.
I tried this right when it came out a couple years back. I just received a new order, and it's changed, at least to me. My first tin, the tobacco was very light blonde in color, rubbed completely out and it's flavours was that of a standard VA,... Read More
GLP/C&D Do it again!
September 06, 2013
By: Dustin W.
My tobacco cellar is full of blends that didn't quite hit right with me, and even moreso with blends that didn't sit well with my body chemisty. Alcohol cased blends are particularly notorious for tearing up my tongue and leaving me not tasting... Read More
August 02, 2013
By: Timothy S.
A really nice tobacco here. Plenty of tobacco flavor, a decent hit of nicotine. Nice and smoky. Doesn't burn too hot, never had it get wet on me. A really nice Navy style here. A little sharp to inhale similar to Dunhill Navy. I like the rubbed out... Read More
Whats not to love?
March 05, 2013
By: Ed T.
Deep, intense, virginia taste of plums/raspberry with slightly spicy, smoky, undertones. A tobacco of real substance in every sense. Sweet but light and in no way cloying. Innocuous room note.

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Ask a question about this G. L. Pease tobacco


Quantity Discount:

Tin Sales Rank: 190

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