Peterson: University Flake 50g

Product Number: 003-050-0005

Mahogany, Burley, and Kentucky are blended to create a unique pipe tobacco, Peterson's University Flake.


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3.86 out of 5 stars
May 20, 2015
By: Alex c.
compared to irish flake with similar tobaccos this is bland. Initial impressions I squirmed at the taste.
One of the best
February 06, 2015
By: Ethan F.
this was one of my first virginias and still my favorite. There is a slight plum topping that comes out in the smoke. It is very subtle and sweet, it doesn't taste like a chemical. Most of the flavor is a mellow va taste, mild but flavorful.
Best Va flake to me
December 14, 2014
By: Andrea M.
Some people tastes some plum aroma, but not me. I swear I can't feel any chemical aroma, only the sweet fundamental note of Virginia, which is pretty strong but rounded up by the burley.
Good tobacco
December 02, 2014
By: Marut B.
I don't know why but I like it. may be I like it cause the aroma of this tobacco. every things not too much.
Superior Flake
June 08, 2014
By: Mark G.
Easy smoking,Stays lit well,Easy on the tongue.Tastes very good, Not offensive to other people in this tobacco spooked world we live in.A nice hint of lemon.Also ages very well.First class all the way.If I was not so hooked on the taste of more power... Read More
Not for me...
February 07, 2014
By: Benjamin W.
Tastes like a cigar. Kind of strong to me. If I wanted to smoke a cigar, I would smoke a cigar. I don't want a cigar in my pipe. Lol
Very good tin
November 27, 2013
By: Adam B.
I do not smoke terribly often, and smoke tinned tobacco less often, but this is my go-to tin when I do. I very much enjoy it; a sweet plum taste as mentioned by others. It smokes easily and cool. It is great to fill the rather deep bowl on my Skov... Read More
Great Anytime
August 31, 2013
By: Robert O.
I picked this up the other day due to the fact that so many people seem to like it. It was a good call. I'm not a heavy or all day smoker. Most of the time it's with a cup of coffee on the back patio in the morning or at social events in the evening.... Read More
My all-day.
April 29, 2013
By: Thomas W.
This is hands down my favorite flake, even though I typically smoke VaPers. I can (and do sometimes) go bowl to bowl on this one. I love cubing it, but it folds great too. A nice burley taste predominates, and I haven't been bit yet.
Excellent friend of Bourbon
February 25, 2013
By: Matthew L.
This is an excellent flake to smoke. It retains a certain spicy quality. Very nice to be able to rub out your own flake according to the size you desire to fill your pipe. This goes amazingly well with a good glass of Bourbon!!!!
Not for me...
November 12, 2012
By: David N.
Got it free with my new Peterson XL22 Green Spigot (Very nice!) However, this blend tasted like a cigarette to me. Wife did not approve either.
good tobacco
November 03, 2012
By: Lane O.
Love the aroma, very sweet, just as John C. said, it has a plum taste. My first pipe, (ordered just a bit ago) was a Peterson Killarney XL02 P-lip, and as a promo. I was allowed to pick any Peterson tobacco for free. I got this one. It is very smoot... Read More
Very Tasty Flake!
September 28, 2012
By: James N.
I can't get enough of this blend. I like to keep a tin nearby just to open and take in the aroma when I'm not smoking. I have more Peterson pipes than any other brand (my family are Irish) and I find it fitting to smoke University flake through them.... Read More
June 02, 2012
By: John C.
University flake is Excellent , in my pipe. It has what they call a plum taste. I thought I'd search out other tobacco's with that flavor. But I decided, I'd leave well enough alone. I dont think it gets much better than this, when it comes to that c... Read More

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  • Components: Burley, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake

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