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Brigade Balkan Supreme 50g Wessex Brigade Balkan Supreme 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0016
$16.20 $10.27
You Save: $5.93!

Brigade Campaign 50g Wessex Brigade Campaign 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0020
Currently out of Stock

Brigade Classic Virginia 50g Wessex Brigade Classic Virginia 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0019
$16.20 $10.27
You Save: $5.93!

Brigade Classic Virginia with Perique 50g Wessex Brigade Classic Virginia with Perique 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0025
Currently out of Stock

Brigade Original 50g Wessex Brigade Original 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0017
$16.20 $10.27
You Save: $5.93!

Brigade Sovereign Curly Cut 50g Wessex Brigade Sovereign Curly Cut 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0018
$18.70 $11.92
You Save: $6.78!

Brown Virginia Flake 50g Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0009
$15.48 $10.91
You Save: $4.57!

Burley Slice 50g Wessex Burley Slice 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0024
$17.20 $10.90
You Save: $6.30!

Gold Brick Virginia Plug 100g Wessex Gold Brick Virginia Plug 100g 
SKU: 003-068-0023
Currently out of Stock

Gold Standard 2oz Wessex Gold Standard 2oz 
SKU: 003-068-0026
$12.34 $8.24
You Save: $4.10!

Gold Virginia Flake 50g Wessex Gold Virginia Flake 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0010
$17.20 $10.90
You Save: $6.30!

Red Virginia Flake 50g Wessex Red Virginia Flake 50g 
SKU: 003-068-0011
Currently out of Stock



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