Tatuaje: Tuxtla Lomo de Cerdo (25 Pack) Cigars

Product Number: 007-053-0181

Released in 2022 as a limited-production series, the Tuxtla line from Tatuaje pays homage to the city of San Andrés Tuxtla, Mexico, known for its distinctive San Andrés tobacco. Tatuaje often focuses on Nicaraguan tobaccos with complementing Ecuadorian and Connecticut Broadleaf varietals, but founder and head blender Pete Johnson has utilized Mexican San Andrés leaf before in the Mexican Experiment and ME II cigars. Still, the Tuxtla fills a special place within Tatuaje's portfolio, complementing the wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

Released in 2023, Tatuaje's Lomo de Cerdo is an interestingly named cigar, translating into English literally as "pork loin." For enthusiasts of Tatuaje's blends, however, this name should be immediately exciting because it refers to one of the brand's most celebrated releases: 2010's Pork Tenderloin. In fact, the two blends are quite similar, with this cigar also using Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco and a stylized butcher paper wrap for its cigar bundles. One key difference between the two cigars, however, is the Tuxtla version uses a Mexican San Andrés wrapper instead of the Pork Tenderloin's Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Limited in production and manufactured by the Nicaraguan factory of My Father Cigars S.A., this cigar is sure to appeal to enthusiasts of Tatuaje's work.


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  • Length: 5.13 in./130.30 mm.
  • Ring Gauge: 52
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper Type: San Andres
  • Wrapper Country: Mexico
  • Filler Country: Nicaragua
  • Binder Country: Nicaragua
  • Package Type: Bundle
  • Make: Handmade
  • Box Pressed: Not Box Pressed
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May 13, 2023
Product: Tatuaje Tuxtla Lomo de Cerdo (25 Pack)