Books: Pipes: Artisans and Trademarks - Jose Manuel Lopes

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Finally! Mr. Lopes took the pipe world by storm with his beautiful, exhaustive and informative Cachimbos in 2004. Informative, that is, if you can puzzle out Portuguese! Fortunately, no Portuguese is required for this English edition!

The English edition, translated by Mick Greer, features a new introduction by Greg Pease and a forward by Ben Rapaport. In addition to that, it includes fifty pipe makers not included in the Portuguese edition. We couldn't be more excited about the English edition-- it's been a long time in the works. Sykes was talking with Mr. Lopes about the prospects of an edition in English over a year ago, shortly after the Portuguese version was released.

This is, without question, the finest, most comprehensive, most beautiful book on pipes ever published. Epic in its scope (and dimensions!), it serves primarily as an index of pipe makers, though it also includes historical and background notes on pipes and pipe smoking. The book itself is spectacular, featuring many hundreds of photographs of pipes and pipe makers rendered beautifully on heavy, glossy paper.

This is a must for any serious fan of pipes and pipe makers. This is the book against which all future pipe books will be compared. Plus,'s own Adrienne Harrell contributed dozens of photos, making it particularly special for all of us at

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