Books: An Ivarsson Product: Three Generations of Ivarsson (English Edition)

Product Number: 001-119-0028

An Ivarsson Product: Three Generations of Ivarsson weighs nearly seven pounds, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, this book is worth somewhere north of 222,000 words. That's not even counting the introductions, two of them, one written by Rick Newcombe and one by our own Sykes Wilford. Keeping the bulk of this book (which is, as mentioned, considerable) in the universal language of photography, the publisher has created a timeline covering three generations of Ivarsson pipemakers, with pages 44-266 dedicated to three sections of full-page, color photographs of Ivarsson pipes: those of Sixten, those of Lars, and those of Nanna.

Additionally, there is further content in Chinese text: a short preface by the publisher, translations of Rick and Sykes's pieces, and separate interviews with Lars and Nanna. Though many of us may not be able to read these, they do include quite a number of additional photographs of the artisans, their workshops, pipes, and design sketches.

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