Books: In Search of Pipe Dreams (Chinese Edition)

Product Number: 001-119-0030

Rick Newcombe's In Search of Pipe Dreams collects all of the author's writings on pipes and tobaccos, covering articles previously printed in Reason, Pipes and Tobaccos, Pipe Friendly, The Pipe Collector and The Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris, as well as other material never before published. Mr. Newcombe writes in a style that is a delight to read, and touches on many aspects of pipe smoking and collecting, from Pipe Shops In Europe to Breaking In A New Pipe.

For this, the Chinese translation, In Search of Pipe Dreams has been produced as a hardcover edition, featuring considerably more in the way of color photography and a more modern layout and graphic design.

Rick Newcombe 《追寻烟斗梦》(In Search of Pipe Dreams)收集了作者之前所有关于烟斗和烟草的文章Reason, Pipes《理智,烟斗与烟草》Pipe Friendly《亲烟斗派》,The Pipe Collector《烟斗收藏家》The Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris《斗客历书》),同时还包括一些从未发表的内容。Mr. Newcombe采用了易于阅读的写作风格,吸引了许多的烟斗收藏爱好者,内容涵盖了欧洲的烟斗店和新烟斗上手指南。


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