Books: History of the Calabash Pipe, Second Edition

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Who else, but Gary Schrier, would write, and publish, entirely upon his own initiative, and largely out of a personal desire to simply see it done, a monograph on the history of one single, particular pipe design? As far as I know, no one. As Quixotic an endeavor as Schrier's History of the Calabash Pipe might initially sound, there's nothing irrational in the manner Gary has gone about researching and writing the book itself. Make no mistake, this is a thorough account of just about every imaginable aspect of the history and development of this utterly unique category of smoking instrument, touching on everything from the Calabash's popularity among fighters of the Anglo-Boer conflict to the finest modern collections — and all with a wealth of accompanying photographs.

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October 19, 2012
Product: Books History of the Calabash Pipe, Second Edition
Equal parts military history, pipe folklore and collectors reference, this book has something for everyone. I knew I was in for a history lesson on the Boer war, but I didn't expect to see Alfred Dunhill and the early history of pipe design in Engla... Read More