Cigar Accessories: Savoy Bubinga Extra Large Humidor

Product Number: 001-317-0067

Featuring built-in locks, as well as twin humidifiers (necessitated by the greater volume) and hygrometers magnetically mounted to the inside of the lid, Savoy's extra-large humidors offer half-again the capacity of the large size, a full 150 cigars. To help keep such numbers organized, it includes an upper-level tray, and removable dividers for both the tray and the bottom section of the humidor. Construction is of solid, tightly-joined cedar, with brass hardware and highly polished, genuine veneer exteriors. This is the Bubinga version, featuring a dark, subtly warm exterior made from the African evergreen prized for use in such applications as making harps, bass guitars, luxury furniture, and even luxury cars, in the case of Lexus. 16" L x 12" W x 8 1/16" H - 150 cigars
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