Cutters & Accessories: Laguiole Horn Tip with Mirror Finished Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter with Leather Sheath

Product Number: 001-317-0218

Esteemed for their high-quality knives, Laguiole has been crafting artisan blades in France since 1828. Presented here is a folding cigar cutter, stylized like a pocket knife for easy use and convenient carrying. Resembling their Calumet pipe tools, this cutter was handmade by Laguiole's artisans from mirror-finished stainless steel, set within a handle of genuine horn. The cutter itself is scissor-style for greater control, and the overall aesthetic is stunning — the flank is carefully inlaid with pins to create a shepherd's cross and the metalwork, too, is impressive, with the brand's traditional bee logo ornately rendered at the end.

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