Cutters & Accessories: El Septimo 4-in-1 Puncher Stick Emerald Green

Product Number: 001-248-0067

El Septimo is a brand synonymous with luxury. Known for their cutting-edge approach to growing tobacco and handcrafted quality, El Septimo's pursuit of excellence is not exclusive to cigars. This 4-in-1 Puncher Stick from El Septimo is a modular tool that can fine-tune a cigar for a perfect smoke. There are two punch cutters included, providing the ability to cut cigars ranging from petite to extra-large ring gauges. Furthermore, a lengthy draw needle helps open up the airflow of a troublesome stick, and a two-pin clip allows one to hold a cigar comfortably when it becomes too hot or short. This particular 4-in-1 tool comes in a vibrant Emerald Green color scheme.

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