Humidors & Travel Cases: Savoy Mesquite Medium Humidor

Product Number: 001-317-0210

Featuring their own built-in humidifiers and hygrometers, which are magnetically mounted to the inside of the lid, Savoy's medium-sized humidors offer a perfect middle ground between capacity and ease of keeping at hand. They're still compact enough to be kept on top of a larger desk, and more than easily fit onto a common bookshelf, all while storing a full fifty cigars. Construction is of solid, tightly-joined cedar, with brass hardware and highly polished, genuine veneer exteriors. This edition is the Mesquite, which offers up the ultra-rustic, smokey coloring of the wood, for an old-world aesthetic.

Measurements: H 5" L 11 3/4" D 9 1/2"

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