Filters & Adaptors: Nording Keystone Filters 14g

Product Number: 001-873-0002

Designed to remove the condensation created while smoking a pipe, Nørding's Keystone Filters are highly absorbent, natural volcanic clay pellets. After adding between five and 10 pellets to the bottom of a pipe's chamber, these Keystones collect unwanted moisture and also raise tobacco above the airway to avoid blocking the passage and to promote a more complete burn through the entire bowl, resulting in less dottle. Nørding's Keystones are completely flavor neutral, ensuring unadulterated enjoyment of your favorite blend, and to use them, simply fill the bottom of the chamber with pellets before packing the tobacco. After smoking, just discard the Keystones along with the leftover ash.

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4.88 out of 5 stars
December 05, 2023
Product: Filters & Adaptors Nording Keystone Filters 14g
though loading them into a pipe is always kind of strange, these work excellent! I put these in my Tsuge spider, and these last easily 10+ bowls
May 23, 2023
Product: Filters & Adaptors Nording Keystone Filters 14g
Totally reduce moisture, almost to none. 4-5 of them is sufficient. I’ll buy the 100g bag next time. What a treat!
They work as advertised.
April 13, 2023
Product: Filters & Adaptors Nording Keystone Filters 14g
I've got a couple of pipes that have given me constant problems. One is an estate with a meerschaum lined bowl that someone got a bit too aggressive with a reamer or pipe cleaner; it tends to plug the draft hole with bits of soggy tobacco about half... Read More
Game changer
July 13, 2024
Product: Filters & Adaptors Nording Keystone Filters 14g
Bought these off a recommendation from another, and I can't recommend them enough now as well. Total game changer. Used with my Savinelli Minerva 606 KS, and it's a complete dry and cook smoke for a full bowl. Virtually no moisture, and the stones lo... Read More