Smokingpipes Gear: English Gift Set

Product Number: 001-507-0010

One of the splendid truisms about our hobby is if you are a pipe smoker, friends and loved ones are never at a loss for gift ideas. Now here's the perfect accompaniment for every pipe smoker's "gift of choice", the Gift set. There are three choices available in this gift set and they center around the recipient's particular taste in pipe tobacco. This is the English set and comes with a tin of Low Country Cooper (a much heralded blend that combines Virginias, Orientals and Cyprian Latakia into one superlative flake) in addition to one pack each of regular and bristle pipe cleaners, a pipe tool, Brebbia stem polish, portable pipe stand, pouch humidifier, and rubber pipe bits. Best of all, it's quite easy to "add to cart" and the entire box is placed within a shipping box, making it a perfect accessory to accompany your new pipe. (Pipe not included)
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