Lighters: Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte

Product Number: 001-068-0201

Celebrated in Haiku by the likes of Yosa Buson and Basho, Mikazuki is Japanese for "waxing crescent moon", and that ephemeral beauty is elegantly captured within chrome finish contours of the base and ignition platform. The dapper exterior design hails from the apex of the Art Deco movement, the roaring 20s, as does the signature Mikazuki arches.

Under all of this retro style, you will find manifold modern innovations:

  • single tank construction with impressive fuel capacity
  • angled flame design that offers a convenient and more gentle light for your pipe
  • 100% hand assembled in Japan
  • high-quality nickel, steel, and brass materials
  • special polymer spring (200% more resistant to fatigue than steel) reserved for the opening/closing mechanism

The Mikasuki is available in either red sateen or the elegant black matte before you.

Customer Reviews (6 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.75 out of 5 stars
Great lighter!!!
November 05, 2016
Product: Lighters Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
I have had this lighter for a year now, and can't be more satisfied! I use it daily, and it performs perfectly every time. If you're looking for this style lighter, look no further,buy one it's a no brainer!
Sturdy and reliable
April 15, 2016
Product: Lighters Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
I have never written a review for a product in my life however. I bought one of these about 18months ago from SPC and right from the start I knew I made a good choice. Good strong body and mechanisms, easy to adjust and the flame position is perfect ... Read More
just awesome, worth every penny.
December 13, 2014
Product: Lighters Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
i was really torn between this and the IM "old boy" but seeing as i have a obsession with japan i went ahead a took a chance with this one instead, what a difference this lighter makes ! it has a lot of weight to it and is a perf... Read More
Excellent lighter, reasonable price
October 25, 2020
Product: Lighters Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
This is a wonderful tool at an affordable price. It holds enough fuel to last an impressively long time between refills. It feels great in hand, and looks great as well. The only issue I had was the top cap/assembly screw working a bit loose. I appli... Read More
May 13, 2020
Product: Lighters Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
It’s a pretty good lighter. Feels substantial in the hand, fuel lasts for several days between refills. Works pretty much every time, but goes out easily in a breeze, which is typical for butane lighters.
Splendid lighter
February 12, 2019
Product: Lighters Kiribi Mikazuki Black Matte
Nice soft wide flame (adjustable). Easy to sweep across the bowl without touching the briar. Hefty, beautiful and very well engineered lighter. Recommended.