Lighters: Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver

Product Number: 001-068-0217

Along with the katana, the kabuto (winged battle helm) boasts an integral association with the pre-Meiji Restoration samurai class. While the inspiration for the Kiribi shapes all hail directly from the zenith of Art Deco, the Kabuto also incorporates an homage to this tradition within the gesture of the wing-like cap toggle — a direct reference to the fukigaeshi (crescent like wings on the side of the kabuto)

Though distinctly retro-chic on the outside, your new Kabuto sports a state-of-the-art modernist design, technology, and cutting-edge innovations within. It features:

  • angled flame design that offers a convenient and more gentle light for your pipe
  • hinge spring made of a special polymer that is far more resilient to fatigue than steel
  • single tank construction with impressive fuel capacity
  • 100% hand assembled in Japan
  • sturdy brass, steel, and nickel construction

While the original Kiribi Kabuto was available in only a red sateen, sophisticated silver satin, a modernist black nickel, or an understated black matte, in 2015 Kiribi released four new finishes: the black leather-wrapped Kuroi, and the white leather-enveloped Shiroi, the Mizo Black Matte, and the Mizo Silver you see before you — featuring a sleek, striated texture along the body.

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Customer Reviews (16 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.38 out of 5 stars
February 23, 2020
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Several years ago purchased a pair of this lighter... along with flints. Gifted one to a close friend ... and have used mine DAILY. No issues what so ever. Finish is still perfect. Damm fine pipe lighter
Attractive & Quality
April 19, 2019
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
I have used this lighter for my modest pipe smoking since delivery. It lights every time , holds an amazing amount of fuel is hefty enough in the hand and looks glorious . Very happy with this purchase
Worth Note
March 01, 2018
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
I am not a big reviewer of products but this one is so exceptional. I like many of us have spent a fortune on high end lighters and i must say this is better quality than even the corona I had
Flawed, Still Excellent
December 27, 2020
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Screws may need attention in the beginning, but should settle over time. Per fill, will last noticeably longer than any other lighter you've owned, yet weighs enough to make you think it's solid steel. Will make you feel like you're in one of those p... Read More
Heirloom Lighter
August 25, 2016
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Nice well made lighter. Lights every time. Should give years of service. Very classy and retro, high quality lighter. Just a beautiful thing, Love it!
A must have!
December 08, 2022
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
The Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver lighter shares a special spot in my pipe cabinet right next to my Peterson Silver Stripe Pipe Lighter. Being that the Kiribi Kabuto is a bit more efficient with it's winged cap toggle, making it very easy to flip and str... Read More
had some issues, but overall still a good lighter
March 19, 2022
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
I had to re-do my initial review on this lighter, which is my own fault for putting up a review before owning it for awhile to make sure it is a solid, well performing lighter. Do not get me wrong, this is still a great lighter. I just had some is... Read More
No. 2
May 21, 2021
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Living with my Kiribi lighter for a few months I have a more realistic opinion. The finish on the lighter is not nearly as good as IM Corona Old Timer. Not even close. The chrome finish on IM Corona is top. Kiribi? Not so good. Build quality o... Read More
Light my fire
April 13, 2021
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Fine lighter. This Kiribati is replacing a 17 year old im Corona pipe lighter that still works but needs attention. The Kiribi has a larger tank for sure which is a plus and appears well made! BTW, I rated the Kiribi as five stars but only 4.6 app... Read More
Good quality, but
July 23, 2020
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Have had for two years as my only pipe lighter using for 5-7 bowls per week. Works great. Does not like to be dropped - the top came off and I was able to reattach with epoxy. Later the "kabuto" hinge ceased to keep the "lid" down on the burner cl... Read More
Perfect for smoking in style
July 01, 2020
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
So far the lighter works consistently in light winds and is very receptive to polishing
Best Ever Pipe Lighter
June 02, 2019
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
This Kabuto is a great tool. Trouble free and goes forever without re-filling. My only gripe is that the Mizo Silver finish is a little too slippery. I'll likely order one of the other Kiribi models with leather for a better grip.
It works
January 24, 2019
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
A decent lighter. The flipping arm had some casting imperfections. Overall good construction. Be prepared to tighten a few screws here and there with use. It hasn't leaked. Even with the Kabuto flints it's hit or miss on striking a flame even in ... Read More
Quality is everything !
February 20, 2018
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Finally a quality lighter that is well made and very dependable. Don't waste your time going the cheap route with other lighters and hassle with returns like I did. Spend the extra dough and enjoy ! My briars are worth it.....Will definitely recommen... Read More
Excellent Lighter
June 02, 2017
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
If you're sick of using matches or a cheap Bic lighter, and don't want to waste all of your money on an IM Corona Old Boy - the Kiribi Kabuto is a perfect choice. Very solid construction with a 'premium' feel in the hand. Nice spark from the flint a... Read More
just pulled the trigger on this lighter!
December 02, 2016
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Silver
Thank you Kenneth for your review, on many recommendations decided to order this lighter for myself!