Lighters: Blue Flints (Unique)

Product Number: 001-068-0236

A simple enough item, but an essential one: flints for your cherished Dunhill lighter. As they say of love, where there's no friction, there's no spark — and no matter how much you may love your old Dunhill lighter, without a flint you'll have neither.

This, the "blue wallet" pack, comes with 9 flints specially sized for the the Dunhill Dress, Gemline, Sylphide, and Unique lighters, including table models.

Not for use with the Rollagas model.

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May 08, 2017
Product: Lighters Blue Flints (Unique)
I've asked several times for this item to be stocked over several years. I appreciate the fact that you listen. Note: this should be five stars, not four and three-quarters.