Lighters: Zippo Antique Silver Plate Pipe Lighter

Product Number: 001-068-0239

Though originally inspired by an early 19th-century Austrian lighter that used brass shell-casings for the main body, with an external flint and striker, the simpler and more self-contained Zippo design has become an American icon known throughout the world (along with its distinctive, opening "clink!" and smart, closing "clunk!"), and especially so by outdoorsmen and military personnel. Even with the rise in popularity of wind-proof butane torch lighters, the simple, trusty Zippo remains a favorite for those who venture into the highest altitudes and coldest climates, where the Zippo design still proves itself to be the most reliable source for life-sustaining fire.

With an insert which encases the flame in metal, allowing it to be drawn directly into the pipe without charring the rim, the Zippo pipe lighter is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of pipesmokers. It's available in a wide range of styles and finishes, like this "Antique Silver Plate" option.

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Handsome in person
December 04, 2020
Product: Lighters Zippo Antique Silver Plate Pipe Lighter
It's a zippo, nothing new there. Just wanted to say that it looks awesome in person. Easily my favorite finish on a zippo ever. I have since purchased the copper version and it looks great too. There is a brass version too but I will stick to silver ... Read More
Zippo dependability
March 19, 2023
Product: Lighters Zippo Antique Silver Plate Pipe Lighter
Typical Zippo A workhorse lighter that is extremely economical to maintain and keep filled