Lighters: Kiribi Kabuto Tsuchime Silver

Product Number: 001-068-0379

Along with the katana, the kabuto (winged battle helm) boasts an integral association with the pre-Meiji Restoration samurai class. While the inspiration for the Kiribi shapes all hail directly from the zenith of Art Deco, the Kabuto also incorporates an homage to this tradition within the gesture of the wing-like cap toggle — a direct reference to the fukigaeshi (crescent like wings on the side of the kabuto)

Though distinctly retro-chic on the outside, this Kabuto lighter boasts a state-of-the-art modernist design, technology, and cutting-edge innovations within. It features:

  • angled flame design that offers a convenient and more gentle light for your pipe
  • hinge spring made of a special polymer that is far more resilient to fatigue than steel
  • single tank construction with impressive fuel capacity
  • 100% hand assembled in Japan
  • sturdy brass, steel, and nickel construction

It's presented here in the Tsuchime Silver finish. A traditional artisanal technique, Tsuchime or "hammered" finishes were commonly used to elevate the presentations of traditional Japanese kiserus and cigarette cases years ago. Tsuchime finishes are created by hammering metal sheets one pattern at a time, producing unique textures depending on the size, depth, or pitch of the hammered pattern.

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June 19, 2023
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Tsuchime Silver
This is to change my "Disappointing" review. SmokingPipes contacted me and told me of an internal adjustment that could be made to alter the flame. This corrected the issue, and the lighter works as I hoped. Thank you SmokingPipes.
June 19, 2023
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Tsuchime Silver
On day two of using the lighter, and the flame won't turn up very far. It only goes up half the way it did on day one. It will go out when I draw the flame into the pipe. This is inside the house, not out in the wind.
WOW love it!
July 18, 2021
Product: Lighters Kiribi Kabuto Tsuchime Silver
I love this lighter, I have been using Zippo pipe lighter and this Kiribi Kabuto has single handedly replaced it. The feel is stout, extremely well built. You can direct the flame much easier. I would buy over again and again, I love this piece. ... Read More