Lighters: Zippo Pipe Smoker Pipe Lighter

Product Number: 001-068-0393

Though originally inspired by an early 19th-century Austrian lighter that used brass shell casings for the main body, with an external flint and striker, the simpler and more self-contained Zippo design has become an American icon known throughout the world (along with its distinctive, opening clink and smart, closing clunk), especially beloved by outdoorsmen and military personnel. Even with the rise in popularity of wind-proof butane torch lighters, the simple, trusty Zippo remains a favorite for those who venture into the highest altitudes and coldest climates, where the Zippo design still proves itself to be the most reliable source for life-sustaining fire.

This special pipe lighter from Zippo features holes on the sides of the metal flame casing, allowing fire to be drawn directly into the pipe chamber from the side without charring the rim. The Zippo pipe lighter is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of pipe smokers. It's available in a wide range of styles and finishes, this playful version displaying accoutrements of a mustached face smoking a pipe.

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It’s a Sticker
August 11, 2022
Product: Lighters Zippo Pipe Smoker Pipe Lighter
The smoking man is a sticker and it’s not painted on like they used to be. I put my zippo in a plastic baggy to save some fuel and the lighter fluid bubbled the sticker and I ended up rubbing it off. A little disappointing in the lower quality, but i... Read More