Lighters: Dunhill Rollagas Facet Bulldog Palladium Plate Lighter

Product Number: 001-068-0481

Representing the height of luxury, Dunhill's pipe-smoking accessories are among the finest in the world, marked by stunning materials, expert Swiss engineering, and elegant aesthetics. The English brand's Rollagas lighters were launched in 1956 and were regularly used by the rakish, dapper James Bond in both the novels and earlier films. These lighters present a sleek, crisp-lined form, with the striking wheel located on the side of the lighter. The cap completely covers the nozzle for a clean-cut profile, emitting an always satisfying metallic *clink* as it's closed.

Perfectly practical and ensconced in the unblemished beauty that can only come from Dunhill, this Rollagas is offered in plated palladium, a platinum-family metal 30 times as rare as gold, and emblazoned with a detailed bulldog.

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