Pipe Accessories: Brigham Pipe Stacker Deep 3 Pipe Drawer

Product Number: 001-069-0155

In 1934 a young man from North Carolina, one Malcolm McLean, saved up enough money pumping gas to buy a second-hand truck, which he in turn used to start a business hauling empty tobacco barrels. Twenty-two years of toil later he saw the launch of the SS Ideal X, the first commercially successful "container ship". It was his ship, converted from a surplus WWII military oil tanker, and it introduced a revolutionary change in international trade, drastically cutting the cost of importing goods, opening new markets for exporters, offering far greater security for valuable cargo, and eliminating the expense, long delay, and dangerous and back-breaking labor of loading and unloading ships in the traditional break-bulk manner. The idea of "containerization" (if not the process of making it a reality) seems simple enough in retrospect - but then most great ideas are.

A bit over a year ago Dan and Brian from Brigham were visiting us here in Little River, SC, and discussion turned to the "Stackers" Brigham had found considerable success with in their native market. The idea behind them was - yes, you guessed it - simple: jewelry and knick-knack boxes with a modular design. Buy a lidded one when you're starting out, and as your collection grows, all you need is to add tray pieces, everything stacking neatly together, and saving the expense and bother of finding and purchasing a whole entire new, larger container.

You may have already guessed where this was going; Sykes and Ted looked at Dan and Brian's examples, and asked them why they didn't make these for pipes. Well, as a result of that conversation, now they do. Whether you're a collector, or a smoker, or both, the benefits are the same, i.e. a simple, handsomely upholstered storage solution that can be expanded upon as your menagerie of smoking instruments and accessories grows, without the bother or wastage of space (and cash) of replacing whole racks or cabinets one after the other.

The modular tray element of the Stacker system, these Pipe Stacker drawers each offer three sizable divisions that will readily accommodate even larger briars, such as Dunhill Group 6s and ODAs.
Measurements: H 2 1/4" L 9 3/4" D 7 1/4"
Interior: H 2" L 9 1/2" 3 3" Compartments

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More Would be Better
October 25, 2017
Product: Pipe Accessories Brigham Pipe Stacker Deep 3 Pipe Drawer
As a user of Stackers, I am a fan. However, the system could be a lot more helpful with the addition of 3-4 more colour choices...camel, burgundy, silver, mustard, green, navy etc. Why? Different colours would help identify and organize diverse colle... Read More
Nice Storage System
July 21, 2013
Product: Pipe Accessories Brigham Pipe Stacker Deep 3 Pipe Drawer
Ideal solution for storing both often used and less pipes in a smart and stackable format. Most storage slots will take 2 pipes, XLs will use a single slot or compartment. Well made and really nice design, a great buy for the money.