Pipe Accessories: Savinelli Black Pipe Holster

Product Number: 001-069-0227

One often derives the greatest amount of quiet pleasure from things of quality which touch our daily lives, and, as often as not, those items turn to be accessories. Be it a well crafted wallet, a sophisticated writing instrument, or a fine lighter, not only does one find an affirming satisfaction in their frequent use, but they also speak to observers of a discerning taste, an appreciation of the finer things which modesty dictates must be communicated indirectly. Crafted with the finest Italian pebble grain leather on the exterior, and a finish-friendly, luxurious suede within, this Savinelli pipe holster will guard a generously sized briar when you are out and about, and hold a day's worth of pipe cleaners as well.

Measurements: H 7 1/4 " x W 3 3/4" at top

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