Pipe Accessories: 5 Pipe Stand with Drawer

Product Number: 001-069-0238

A classic tri-column design, this hardwood 5-pipe stand features a light, smooth, understated style. The design is a sort that works best with straight or quarter-bent shapes, but a bit of extra-depth to the base indents offers accommodation for even your more generously bent pipes. The broader notches up top also allow extra room for pipes with thicker shanks or wider stems.

This particular stand comes complete with a slide-out drawer and brass knob, providing a convenient place to store pipe and tobacco accessories.

Measurements: L: 11.5", H: 7", D: 4.75"
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3.00 out of 5 stars
Poor Quality
February 02, 2017
Product: Pipe Accessories 5 Pipe Stand with Drawer
I recently received the stand and noticed the moldings weren't lined up correctly. The gaps between the moldings caused white glue to show. I don't know how this passed quality control. Definitely not worth $75.
5 Pipe stand with drawer
January 23, 2017
Product: Pipe Accessories 5 Pipe Stand with Drawer
Great product! Quality wood and workmanship - drawer comes in especially handy for small pipe tools etc. Sal