Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies: B. J. Long B Coil 52' Extra Fluffy Pipe Cleaner

Product Number: 001-545-0101

Once upon a time, back when we were all crammed into one office, Susan had a butterfly made out of pipe-cleaners displayed upon the wall above her desk. Naturally, one day when she was absent, I created a matching pipe-cleaner spider, and positioned it as if it were creeping up behind said butterfly. Creating this simple pipe-cleaner sculpture was more difficult than I had anticipated, largely due to needing a lot of irregular-length pieces. With this B.J. Long pipe-cleaner coil you won't have that problem. Or, you know, making perfect-length pipe-cleaners for your short pocket-pipes, or mid-length demi-Churchwardens, or other irregular-length pipes either, I suppose.
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