Stands & Pouches: Neal Yarm 3 Pipe Stand Tilt Head Mahogany

Product Number: 001-069-0116

This is the second pipe stand design we've received from Neal Yarm, and it's one I'd have no hesitation recommending. Like the first design we received, it is fashioned solidly from quality hardwood - dark-finished mahogany, in this case - but this time around he's changed up the style of the pipe rests to be more adaptable. I've tried out the five-pipe version, filling it out with a bunch of my own briars, and everything from a light little Beo straight Acorn, to a lengthy, bamboo-stemmed Tsuge Churchwarden, to a big, broad-bitted Ardor bent Egg fits and sits just finely.

Note: These stands are not photographed individually, and you may expect some reasonable cosmetic variation between the example we've photographed and the stand you've received.

Measurements: L 7" H 4" D 5 1/2"
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