Stands & Pouches: Scott Tinker Live Crotch Walnut 3 Pipe Stand

Product Number: 001-069-0614

Professional opera tenor soloist turned woodworker Scott Tinker takes a very hands-on approach to his craft, as in, wherever feasible he favors actual hand-tools over powered tools, creates his own varnishes from natural, raw resins and oils, and champions extra-fine hand planing over sanding when it comes to producing a superior finish. The planing technique is particularly noteworthy, as it really does a wonderful job of bringing out a wood's potential for reflective properties, and a beautiful shimmer — as Scott points out, even fine-grit sanding will leave a wood's surface "fuzzy" at a microscopic level, diffusing the light that strikes it.

This 3-pipe stand was rendered from crotch walnut, which refers to an area on a tree where a single trunk splits into two and closely resembles an upside-down pair of legs. With this stand, each pipe can be safely and securely held in place through a series of magnets. Just place one of the magnetic balls into the bowl of your pipe and align it with the corresponding magnet inlay situated within the stand. The result is a minimalist presentation of your favorite briars and meers.

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