Stands & Pouches: Neal Yarm Gaboon Ebony, Black Heart, Chechen Burl 6 Pipe Stand

Product Number: 001-066-0125

Artisan woodworker Neal Yarm brings his expert craftsmanship to this stunning, organic piece. A six-pipe magnetic stand, it holds pipes of all shapes and sizes, and they can be organized in any orientation across the wooden surface. Furthermore, Yarm uses a variety of woods and stains that contrast naturally grained pieces with streamlined shapes dressed in handsome finishes, with this particular stand being made from gaboon ebony, black heart, and Chechen burl. A handsome work of art, this stand will elevate any pipe smoker's collection.

Note: These stands are not photographed individually, and you may expect some reasonable cosmetic variation between the example we've photographed and the stand you've received.

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