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Regular maintenance of your pipes is a must in order to keep them smoking clean and sweet. There's no voodoo here, you just need some simple cleaning items and you need to use them regularly. Here you will find those mandatory supplies you'll need to maintain your fine smoking instruments and create a positive smoking experience. For further information on the proper use of these cleaning items, please take a look at our Guide To Cleaning & Caring For Your Pipe. You'll also find our selection of pipe filters for 9mm and 6mm filter pipes, plus other pipe related consumables.

Pipe Tools & Supplies
8deco 9mm to 3mm Adapter (2-Pack)

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Reg. $2.00 $1.80

Pipe Tools & Supplies
Adapter for reduction from 9mm to 3mm

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Pipe Tools & Supplies
Savinelli 6mm Adapter (5 pack)

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Reg. $5.00 $3.60