Pipe Tools & Supplies: Joseph Rodgers Premium Smokers Knife Blue

Product Number: 001-545-0213

Joseph Rodgers of Sheffield produces these pipe knives in a simple, functional design, though also with a great deal of variety in style, from those with antler, bone, or dyed wood scales to one in understated, brushed stainless steel. Aside from the obvious tamping foot, each of these also features a folding, round-tipped blade for trimming back cake, and a folding dottle pick.

Approximate measurements:
Width - 0.33"/8mm
Height - 0.63"/15mm
Length - 3.35"/85mm (folded)
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December 10, 2017
Product: Pipe Tools & Supplies Joseph Rodgers Premium Smokers Knife Blue
I know this blue pipe tool is not as luxurious looking as the models running in the $100’s but it actually looks nice once I pulled it out of the box. And check out the amazing price! Serious; save your money to purchase an additional pipe or tobac... Read More