Pipe Tools & Supplies: Abe Herbaugh Antique Bakelite and Brass Tamper White/Lime

Product Number: 001-545-0242

Abe Herbaugh isn't just a talented pipe maker; he's an extremely skilled artisan through and through. These Abe Herbaugh Antique Bakelite and Brass Tampers are exclusive to Smokingpipes.com and are all handcrafted from start to finish. Abe rough shapes the bakelite handles, hand-turns the brass feet, and blends it all together by hand to make for one cohesive, tasteful accessory. He even antiqued the brass feet to lend them a slight patina, which will continue to color and mottle as the bakelite handle colors over time.

Note: Bakelite was an early plastic, and while resistant to heat and scratching it is more brittle acrylic (in this property it is closer to meerschaum). We recommend against removing ash from the foot by the common practice of tapping it against a hard surface.

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Great Tamper, but fragile
January 05, 2017
Product: Pipe Tools & Supplies Abe Herbaugh Antique Bakelite and Brass Tamper White/Lime
The antiqued brass and bakelite combination is indeed attractive. The tamper is extraordinarily pleasant to hold and use. I bought one in each colour. To clear my tampers of ash, I often gently tap them on the side of an ashtray or more usually the ... Read More